Filme auf Deutsch

Filme auf Deutsch

As with so many things currently affected, the Irish Film Institute are unable to offer school screenings of German language films for students either at IFI or nationwide venues. They have very generously launched an online streaming platform for schools, featuring two new German language titles with materials.

Here is the link to the platform:

A bittersweet comedy about parent-child relations in which gruff single dad Urs’s plans for his teenage daughter’s gap year include her volunteering in a Costa Rican hospital. Jette has other ideas however, that include her boyfriend Mario. On the day of her departure, Urs gets completely worked up and a few mishaps lead to Jette finding herself in a position to decide her own fate.

This unusual take on the father-daughter tale has plenty of narrative twists and turns that reveal Urs’s basic desire, despite clunking missteps, to find the best for his daughter.

IFI Age Recommendation 15+

Contains scenes with nudity

An accompanying studyguide from Goethe-Institut Irland is available to download here.

This charming football drama is set in modern day Germany. When a large mining company takes over their village, Ben’s family must move to a nearby city. Feeling displaced, he starts a new school where he shares his outsider status and a love of football with Syrian refugee Tariq. Despite Tariq’s better playing skills, the pair team up. Ben brings Tariq back to his old village and learns that his friend longs to reunite with his scattered family. Helping him locate his older brother, both boys find hope and a way to exist in their new surroundings. 

This film is preceded by an introduction from director Sarah Winkenstette.

Due to a technical issue, this film cannot be viewed on iPad. We apologise for any inconvenience that will be caused by this.

IFI Age Recommendation: 10+

An accompanying studyguide produced by the Goethe Institut is available to download here

Here is the link to the platform: