Junior Cycle


Junior Cycle MFL

Resources for the Junior Cycle can be found on the JCT website. The following link will bring you to the supports provided during their workshops from November – March. There are three screencasts and the accompanying resources are also available.
 These can be found here: https://www.jct.ie/modern_foreign_languages/cpd_workshops_2019_2020
As Gaeilge, anseo: https://www.jct.ie/leagangaeilge/modern_foreign_languages/cpd_workshops_2019_2020_ga
If there are colleagues in your school who are not on the JCT mailing list, please ask them to join and let them know that these supports are available.

Click on a link below to download any of the files to your device. These have been generously provided by members. If there are copyright issues please contact us and we will remove.

Myself / Family / Home

  • Jumbled Dialogue
    Jumbled Dialogue based on introductions.
  • Lesen
    Fill in the grid type question followed by a written question.
  • Leseverständnis
    Short reading comprehension follow by a Schriftliche Produktion…suitable for 1st yrs.
  • Die Familie Simpsons (Wortschatz)
    Presentation using the Simpsons family to teach words for the different family members.
  • Die Familie Millionär
    A Who wants to be a Millionaire game to test some of the vocab family.
  • Die Familie Simpsons
    A presentation introducing some vocab needed to talk about the family in German.
  • Aussehen
    Presentation which can be used to teach descriptions of people in German.
  • Identitätskarte
    A handout for students where they fill out their personal details in German.
  • Wo wohnst du?
    A Powerpoint Presentation to answer the question ‘Wo wohnst du?’
  • Wie siehst du aus?
    A Powerpoint Presentation introducing phrases to describe yourself.

Hobbies / Pets

  • Hobbies und gern
    Written exercise which practices sport and use of ‘gern’.
  • Using ‘gern’
    A Powerpoint Presentation showing how to use ‘gern’ in a sentence (based on hobbies).
  • Sport
    Presentation on different sports in German.
  • Hobbies Presentation using gern
    Presentation showing students how to use gern when talking about hobbies.
  • Lesen
    A presentation to teach students the necessary vocab pertaining to the topic of reading.
  • Fernsehen
    A presentation to teach students the necessary vocab on the topic of TV.

School/ Time/Jobs/CV

  • Nebenjob
  • Lebenslauf
    1.  Students read Sonia Schneider’s CV and complete questions and vocab-building activities on it.
    2. Read text about Michael O’Leary and complete his CV.
    3. Hörübung – Blank CV to do a listening activity (with Language Assistant or Teacher).
    4. Use Blank CV to complete own CV.
    5. Also – Hörschatz II Aural Comprehension Book – Unit 1, Teil 1 (Interview 1) could follow this work as it has the same vocabulary.


  • Directions 1
    A Powerpoint Presentation to introduce basic phrases for directions
  • Direction 2
    A Powerpoint Presentation on more phrases for directions.

Shopping / Clothes / Food / Drink

  • There are no resources available for this topic at the moment.

Weather / Holidays / Travel

Illness / Accidents

  • There are no resources available for this topic at the moment.


  • Weihnachtslieder
    Some popular Christmas songs in German.
  • Weihnachtslieder 2
    More popular German Christmas songs.
  • Easter Poems
    2 Easter poems.
  • St. Patrick’s Day
    A Powerpoint Presentation on St. Patrick’s Day.
  • Oktoberfest
    1. Students match Oktoberfest pictures with vocab.
    2. Student read 3 dialogues and match them with correct picture.
    3. Students read Lesetext (end of sheet) and answer the comprehension questions that follow.
    4. Students complete the vocabulary exercises.
    5. Hörübung – we had a German Language Assistant and I asked him to read a text aloud about the Oktoberfest and students fill in the answers to questions (teacher could do this themself).

Notes / Postcards / Letters / Bookings


  • Classroom phrases
    Useful phrases for use in the classroom. Compiled by the PDST (Professional Development Service for Teachers).
  • Das Alphabet
    Presentation which helps teach the alphabet in German.
  • Das Alphabet 1
    Presentation which helps teach the alphabet in German.
  • Das Alphabet 2
    Presentation which helps teach the alphabet in German.
  • Musik
    What to do with music and some popular German songs.
  • Komposita
    An exercise to practice compound nouns.
  • In der Stadt
    A collection of photos and images for buildings in a town. On Powerpoint
  • Was kann man hier machen?
    A Powerpoint Presentation introducing Modalverben
  • Grammatik – Nomen
    Basic grammar presentation on nouns.
  • Film: Ghettokids
    Die Brüder Christos und Maikis wohnen mit ihrer Mutter und dem älteren Bruder im Norden Münchens in einer sehr kleinen Wohnung. Beide verdienen sich Geld mit kriminellen Aktivitäten, zum Beispiel durch Diebstahl und Drogenhandel. Sie schwänzen oft die Schule und treiben sich am Hauptbahnhof herum.