🇩🇪💬 #Didyouknow that with 100 million native speakers, #German is the most widely spoken language in #Europe? An additional 15.45 million people #learnGerman around the world, most of them in one of the 106,000 #schools that teach the German #language.

Have you ever thought about learning German? Get ready for the European Day of Languages with us this Culture Night!

We have a host of online classes in 13 different languages happening this Friday.

Sign up and join us and @eurireland at

And this, meine Damen und Herren, is why German is such an amazingly versatile language!🇩🇪 😂 #German #LearnGerman #Deutsch @elfwyn789 @DeirdreByrnes2 @germanteachers @hispanista @FrauInion @MrBretagMFL @DeclanOConnell2 @shffnn @paulj71 @GI_Irland @GermanAtPompey @FairyTalesEtc

I could listen to Angela Merkel’s mellifluous voice speaking German all day long. 🇩🇪@germanteachers @FairyTalesEtc @elfwyn789 @germanteachers @GermanAtPompey #AngelaMerkel

Found this very handy to use when I was digitizing documents that I did not have digital copies for. Handy for educators looking to do the same with schemes of work etc. The app is extremely easy to use. Try it and see: #edchatie #edshareie @NAPD_IE

After calculated grades, life became the real test for one teacher. #leavingcert2020

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18/6/20 There are a number of webinars and competitions organised by the Goethe-Institut. These may be seen on today’s twitter feed.

13/3/20 Due to Covid-19 all our schools are closed. We hope all teachers are managing to have a work life balance in these challenging times. Out Twitter handle is: @germanteachers. Following us on Twitter is the most effective way of staying up to date with all things German.

Unfortunately due to Covid-19 several German events have been cancelled including our Spring Conference and the German Scholarship trip for the top Junior Cycle students from 2019. This is sponsored every year by the German Embassy – with the GDI sponsoring the accompanying teachers. The German Embassy uses Facebook and Instagram to share their news.