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Unsere Konferenz 2021 wird am Samstag, den 13. November online stattfinden. Alle Mitglieder sind ganz herzlich dazu eingeladen.

Our Twitter handle is: @germanteachers. Following us on Twitter is the most effective way of staying up to date with all things German.

They came to Germany as refugees from Syria six years ago. Now, wanting to give back to society, they have traveled from across the country to the flood-affected areas to help locals pick up the pieces.

Former US President George W. Bush, in an interview, called German Chancellor Angela Merkel "a compassionate leader ... who is not afraid to lead."

German teachers... Help with an enrichment activity? Looking for a song that lends itself to tictoc dancing, has resonable lyrics... What to use? #mfltwitterati @CharlTeacher @JuschMo @missmclachlan @SJBarnes81 @SisaSilvia4 @CristaHazell @ladeidiomas @LizbLanguages @ludi_jones

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