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Shared Resources

Junior Cycle Topic: Festivals

Weihnachtslieder 2 0 Comments »

Popular German Christmas songs

Download >

Weihnachtslieder 0 Comments »

Some popular Christmas songs in German

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St. Patrick’s Day 0 Comments »

A Powerpoint Presentation on St. Patrick’s Day

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Oktoberfest 0 Comments »

  1.  Students match Oktoberfest pictures with vocab
  2. Student read 3 dialogues and match them with correct picture
  3. Students read Lesetext (end of sheet) and answer the comprehension questions that follow
  4. Students complete the vocabulary exercises
  5. Hörübung - we had a German Language Assistant and I asked him to read a text aloud about the Oktoberfest and students fill in the answers to questions (teacher could do this themself)

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